What kind of bicycle is recommended for riding in Val Susa?

The ideal bike to have fun in Val Susa is an enduro bike or all-mountain bike. You can also enjoy a XC bike. The important thing is that it is a fairly recent bike with reliable and functional components. DH bikes are not recommended, because there are also difficult climbs to be tackled.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes. You can rent mountain bikes on site. Our technical rental partner has different types of bicycles available, with components of a fairly high level. We recommend enduro bikes or all-mountain bikes with 29“ wheels. Latest generation of e-bikes are also available, for those who want to try this type of bike.

Do I need a special equipment, such as a full-face helmet or protections?

Yes, you must equip yourself to tackle challenging trails.

HELMET: it is mandatory. We do not recommend the full-face helmet because, despite being in the Alps, temperatures can reach even considerable rates.

KNEEPADS: highly recommended, but soft type, such as enduro models, which allow you to pedal well and give a decent protection.

ELBOW: if you are used to them and they give you a sense of safety, then take them. Better the soft enduro models, because in case you want to remove them, they do not clutter much in the backpack.

ARMOUR AND BACK PROTECTOR: there are no mandatory indications for these protections. In theory, the more protected and the better. However, consider that the weight of an armour and his thermal effect when pedaling can greatly reduce comfort and increase tiredness.

BACKPACK: it is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. In fact, it is necessary to bring a good supply of water, along with a wind/rain-proof jacket, at least one spare air tube suitable for your bicycle, energy bars and a minitool for emergency repairs.

Do I need special clothing to take part in the mtb tours?

Mountain bike clothing is recommended. In particular, it is advisable to wear an intimate padded boxer whit protective padding in the seat area, to avoid to get bored in the perineum area. A wind/rain-proof jacket jacket is also needed, because in the Alps the weather can change very quickly.

How long do the tours last?

The tours last from 3 to 6 hours on average. This is however a general indication, as it depends on the participants’ fitness.

Do I have to be fit and in good shape to participate in the tours?

Yes, to participate in the tours you should have a good fitness. On a case by case basis it is however possible to evaluate and organize shortened and / or suitable tours even for untrained people.

I am a beginner, can I participate in a mtb tour?

Our tours are selected for bikers with a discrete skill and technical background. By chance, however, it is possible to evaluate and organize less demanding tours, suitable even for beginners.

Is there a break at restaurants / lodges to eat, or should I bring something to eat?

In general, food autonomy is necessary to participate in the tours. It is possible that we will pass by restaurants / lodges, but their opening is not guaranteed, nor is it possible to program the stop depending on the food requirements of the participants. For this reason, a packed lunch is usually provided, so plan to bring a few energy bars and a sandwich with you.

I'm interested in the night mtb tour: do I own the lights, or do you supply them?

Night tours also include bicycle front and rear lights. However, if you have your own bike light and / or helmet light system, you can take it with you.

I have an e-mtb (electric bicycle). Can I participate?

Sure. E-mountain bikes (electric bicycles) are welcome!

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