Having the right equipment and clothing has a major impact on the enjoyment of your mtb excursion. We are happy to provide further advice based on our experience, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Footwear: it is particularly recommended to use specific mountain bike shoes. You will appreciate shoes that balance cycling performance with sufficient flexibility to make them comfortable for the inevitable walking sections that accompany the great mountain tours. In this category stand out Northwave with Vibram sole, Giro Terraduro, Pearl Izumi X-Alp range, Mavic Scree, Shimano MT (Shimano Mountain Touring) series and Five Ten, especially in the high version.

Legs: it is recommend to wear cycling under-shorts with padding (underwear), plus a comfortable cut cycling shorts and a pair of specific moutain bike socks.

Upper body: bring with you one long-sleeved shirt, a light windproof vest and a light waterproof jacket.

Head and hands: helmet, long finger gloves, transparent glasses or interchangeable sunglasses (with 100% UVA and UVB protection), knee pads. All these items are mandatory. Also recommended elbow pads.



A medium capacity backpack is recommended. In order not to carry a lot of equipment, but enough for the daily necessities while riding, the most suitable backpacks are models such as FR Enduro Blackline 16L and Evoc FR Trail Blackline 20L. Including a water bag.
Sun cream and lip balm.



Energy bars and / or gel of your taste for support during tours.

Sandwiches for tours over 25 km long.

Isotonic powder to be mixed with water to effectively mitigate your thirst and replenish essential minerals and electrolytes lost through sweat.

Salt tablets and / or magnesium supplements, if you use them regularly. Be sure to bring only products that you have tried in advance, as some people may find that they do not work or work negatively.



The guides are equipped with first aid kit, but it is advisable to have your own personal kit. We advise you to equip yourself with the following items:
Antiseptic cream
Plasters, bandages, tape
Scissors, tweezers and safety pins
Anti-inflammatory drugs, e.g. ibuprofen
Analgesics: e.g. Aspirin
Salts for rehydration
Antihistamines (if necessary)
Contact lenses and glasses (if necessary).



If you rent a bike: our guides carry some spare parts (inner tubes, patches, shift cables). However, each participant must have his own complete personal repair kit, especially in the unlikely event that our guide is not available to help you in case of mechanical problems.

If you use your mountain bike: while our guide will have essential spare parts and tools for first mechanical intervention, is required that your mountain bike is fully functional. If you have any doubts about the condition of your bicycle, please take it to a bicycle shop of your choice for complete maintenance before traveling. It is recommended to partecipate with new and already tested brake pads. Bring enough spare tubes for your bike and replacement pads to fit your brakes. Carry a gear dropout suitable for your bike model. This is an essential, personal item for every bike and must be part of your standard equipment.

What equipment to bring for an epic adventure